The first conversation about founding a Restaurant & Café came up a long time ago. In fact, no one can really recall when it was. It all started with an idea. However it took some time, actually a long time, before the idea could have been turned into something real. Thankfully, all this time was used for the idea to mature and get desirable shape through countless journeys and a pleasure of tasting from various cuisines. Eventually, we decided to create a place where everyone would find causal comfort of just being, but at the same time would feel special. Our intention was to make a common space where one could simply relax, have a great meal, or work hard with a cup of steaming coffee or a glass of wine. We wanted our meals to be inspirational for the most demanding food lovers but at the same time surprisingly attractive visually. We wanted our restaurant to be the place to be. Finally, after many months of planning, working on the each and every detail of design, experimenting with recipes, Szeroka № 9 opened its doors. Our idea came to fruition...